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  • November 1Midterm for the 2nd 9 weeks is November 8th

Holiday World Trip

April 11, 2018

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Do you have good grades? Are you a kid that never gets in trouble? Well, if you are, congrats, because you get to go on the Holiday World trip at the end of the year. The day that were going is May 22, which is also Election Day...

She’s off to See the Wizard

Cheyanne Dotson, Reporter

January 8, 2018

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Getting a leading role in a play isn't exactly the easiest job. You have to be flexible in each role you play. You have to feel all types of different emotions. Like happiness, sadness, joy any emotion you can think of. Haley...

January Cafeteria Menu

Stephanie Rathgeber, Advisor

December 18, 2017

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Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day

December 1, 2017

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November 20, 2017

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies

November 8, 2017

November Calendar

October 24, 2017