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The Explosion

Cooper Ford, Reporter

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A story by Cooper Ford

    “Alright everyone, it’s been a good long day,” I said, ”Time to go home.”

    “Aren’t you going too?” asked Lacy.

“No, I’m going to stay and work on the Atom Rewinder, or the AR.”

“Ok, well, have a nice night,” said Lacy, then she walked out of the lab door. As I was standing up and getting ready to go room with the AR, Lacy came back in the lab and startled me, and I spilt my water all over my lab coat.

“I’m so sorry, Dr. Stoop! Here, let me help.”

    When we were all done cleaning up, I asked her why she had come back.

    “I was going to ask you if I could stay and help with the AR since I was the newest worker here, and I don’t really understand it; is that okay with you?”

    “Well, if you would like to,” I said.

    “Great, so where is it?”

    “Here, follow me.”

    As we walked into the big room with the AR, I realized Lacy had never seen it, and no one had ever told her what its purpose was.

    “So, what does it do?” asked Lacy.

    “Well, when it’s all finished, this little ten by ten foot box should be able to cure any sickness or disease anyone has. Plus, it’s almost done.”

    “Would it even be able to cure cancer? I mean, we’ve been trying to cure cancer for so long and now you’ve figured out how to make an artificial cure?” asked Lucy.

    “Exactly! In about two weeks, after we install a few more parts, it will work,” I said.

    “So how does it work?”

    “Well, as you can see, the walls are a mixture of mirrors and black panels. The black panels will heat the room up while all the mirrors make the light that goes out of the AR directly towards the person to cure them semi-naturally.

    “When it’s finished, all we have to do is push the button, but after we install the special, one-of-a-kind artificial light that we’ve made, it will work.”

    “Wow, this is going to make Stoop Laboratories very famous! And it’s going to help the name Jackson City get out! And it’s going to help the whole world! And…”

    “Okay, okay, okay, settle yourself,” I said.

    “Sorry,” she said in an embarrassed voice.

    “Anyway,” I said, “I was going to stay longer in the first place to work on it, so could you go and get that drill for me, please?”

    “Of course!”

    “Just don’t drop it on the button…

who knows what would happen then,” I said.

    “Oh, no,” said Lacy.

    “What now?” I asked in an annoyed voice, underneath my breath.

    “I dropped the…”

6 Months Later…

    “Dad, can we go play basketball?”

    “Not right now, son, maybe in a couple weeks, but right now we’re still recovering from the explosion.”

    And for the amount of money we had to pay for blowing up the city, I thought to myself.

    “Okay,” Jamie said, “but can we at least go to Hananoki?”

    “Of course, honey,” said Kindle, my wife. “We always let you pick where you eat on your birthday. And what better day for that than your tenth?”

    “Thanks, guys!” said Jamie. “I’m gonna go get ready.”

    “Okay, son, go ahead,” I said.

    “So, have they found that Lacy girl yet?” asked Mrs. Stoop.

    “No, she must’ve been disintegrated,” I said in a sad tone.

    “I just don’t get how I could be minorly injured and her die.”

    “I don’t either,” said Mrs. Stoop. “But what could have happened?”

    “I don’t know, but it looks like she’s gone no matter what happened.”

    “Anyway, let’s get going. I don’t like talking about this.”

    “What are you going to get, son?” I asked.

    “Um, I think the grilled shrimp and rice,” said Jamie.

    “Well, since you’re turning 10, why don’t you try to order for yourself?” I said.

    “Um, okay, I’ll try,” Jamie said in an uneasy voice.

    When the waiter came, I told her what my wife and I wanted. Then it was Jamie’s turn, but I heard someone saying my name and I turned around. There was a young woman with straight, black hair and a tiny face who looked very familiar, but I didn’t really know why.

    “Hi, Doctor Stoop, my name’s Eli Knight. I’m a big fan; may I talk to you privately outside about the incident?” she asked.

    “Yes, ma’am,” I said.

“I’ll be right back,” I told my family.

As we walked out the doors, she said, “It’s a very beautiful night, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is,” I said. “So what did you want to talk about?”

“So,” she said, “wasn’t there another person with you in the explosion?”

“Unfortunately, yes. Her name was Lacy Brewer.”

“Do you know where she is now?” she asked.

“No one does.”

After about a minute, she finally spoke.

“Well, I do.”

Before I processed that, she pinned me down to the sidewalk, and as she was taking her wig off, she said, “She’s right here.”

For a person that appeared frail, she was very strong. I couldn’t even move.

“Now, since you told me your story about Lacy, or, in other words, me, I’ll go ahead and tell you even more.

“When the AR exploded, it knocked me out, but I woke up very fast and saw you laying there. I felt like it was my fault so I punched the ground, full-force and to my surprise it broke like thin ice. I was interested and went and punched the bulletproof window to the west side, and it broke.

“After that I went to my boyfriend’s house and showed him. He was terrified, and broke up with me on the spot. I was going to marry him! It was all your fault. I promised to get revenge, and here I am.”

“Please don’t kill me!” I begged Lacy.

“Okay, she said. “I’ll just get rid of your spouse, then you’ll know how it feels.”

At that moment I started struggling.

She tried to punch me, but I blocked it expecting her to break my hand. I barely moved, and I realized my hand turned to what looked like titanium.

She yelled out in pain and did it again, where the same thing happened.

I also noticed my burns and bruises healing. She got up, and so did I.

“I don’t know what’s happening, but now your whole family is going, and you’re going first.”

She socked my face but I didn’t feel a thing. She tried to go again, but I punched her and she fell on the ground.

“I don’t want to do this, but I’m not going to let someone get away with threatening my family.

“So you either go now and stay away from us forever, or you’re going to perish.”

She got up and tried to come at me again, but I punched harder and she crumpled to the concrete, unconscious.

I had won, but I knew if two people had powers like that there had to be more.

The explosion was my fault and I was going to protect Jackson City, and I was going to do it well.

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