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Ways to Relieve Stress

Mariana Commander, Reporter

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If you have or someone you know has stress you might want to hit down a few tips. How to know if you have stress? One way to tell is you’ll have a lack of energy. If this happens to be you, I highly recommend going outside or attempt to excise. If this isn’t a symptom continue reading.

If you have racing thoughts, constant headaches, or tense muscles; you’ve been overworking. Whether it’s homework/sports/working your body is giving you signs that it’s time for a break. You need time to breath. I mean you need time to relax. If that is your style ask for help, allow/accept/let someone help you. It’ll help you to health in the long run.

If you have insomnia, get moody easily, or find it hard to relax. There’s a chance you’re stressing emotionally/ internally or it’s just that time in life. Take a deep breath. 1….2….3, now let it go. Try to smile more ( it’s easier said than done) and take am an attempt at relaxation.

I hope the following tips help to relieve your stress.


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Ways to Relieve Stress