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Preparation For High School

gabi smith, reporter

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I hear sixth and seventh graders always complaining about the amount of homework they have, but wait until you get into the eighth grade. You have vocab packets, frayer models, and all sorts of tests every single week. The work they gave us this year as well as the way they treated us was very different, and be ready to work hard if you play sports or do extracurricular activities.  Good thing we’re now prepared for high school!


The amount and quality of work this year was very different from what we were all used to. We have frayer models, social study tests, and Spanish tests normally every single Friday. There’s not just a lot of work, but the quality of work is very hard, a lot harder than seventh-grade work. Be prepared to stay up late nights working on more than a few subjects of homework.


The expectations exceeded from the teachers you had last year and from previous years. The teachers this year believe in treating us the way they will treat us in future years at the high school. The teachers don’t baby you on homework like they have in years before.


In previous years, you’ve been able to play sports with no consequences to your grades. It takes hard work to play sports and maintain good grades. Be ready to spend hours worth of long practices after a long school day already. If you don’t already work well with people it’s advised to learn soon because once you get in high school, there’s two other schools combining into one.


In conclusion, high school isn’t going to be the easiest at all, but we know that with hard work we can accomplish anything. Eighth grade has done a good job of preparing us, and we feel like we’re ready for the challenges high school will throw at us… wish us luck!

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Preparation For High School