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How to Be a Distinguished Greyhound

Ireland McGuirk, Reporter

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K-Prep, Kentucky performance rating for educational progress, that big test that every teacher starts talking about the first day of school and don’t stop until you actually take it. As an eighth-grader who has taken this test 5 times, I can assure you it’s not as horrible as it seems.  This year we are taking it May 9-15th.

The most important thing to remember while taking this test is don’t stress. I know you’re probably thinking right now “Well obviously,” but I’m serious. You’ve been doing this stuff all year, and at this point, you should be able to do it with no problem. If you start stressing over it, then chances are you will make a stupid mistake that’ll cause you to get the question wrong.

During the week of testing, wear comfortable clothes. Don’t come to school in your jeans or fancy shoes. Wear sweatpants or some comfortable shorts. Nobody really cares if you look perfect that week or not. It’s also good to wear a hoodie or jacket over short sleeve shirt so you won’t get too hot or cold.

A good tip for taking the test is to ask your teacher if you can bring a blanket and a drink. They won’t always say yes, depending on who it is, but it won’t hurt to try. A blanket will keep you relaxed and warm (because they keep it super cold.)

Eat the mints they give you. They have them for a reason. Studies show that eating hard candy or gum can actually relieve stress, anxiety, and help you concentrate. From personal experience, I can say that this truly does work.

Just remember to stay positive, stress-free, and relaxed during this week. At least we get the weekend off.

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How to Be a Distinguished Greyhound