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Book Recycling

Billy Toney, Reporter

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What do you do when you are tired of reading your book? Do you throw it away, or do you recycle it? Well, if you throw it away, some people might consider you a bad person. When you throw a book away, you throw a life away (mainly a trees life. I don’t know if there are other consequences). Throwing a book away can destroy the community. Instead recycle! You can recycle plastic, paper, cans, cardboard, etc.! A lot of the garbage thrown in dumps are incinerated, which pollutes the Earth, killing life as we know it! You can make Earth Day every day! Smoky the Bear says,” Only you can prevent forest fires.” But I say,” Only you can prevent bad things to happen to your home.” By ,”home” I mean the Earth. Now, what will you do to help your community?

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Book Recycling