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Middle School Baseball and Softball to Combine

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Lone Oak, Heath, and Reidland Middle Schools will be combining Baseball and Softball programs in the 2018-2019 School Season. The effects of this is will be there will no longer be the three individual teams which will make the district to be a lot different athletically. Similar things happened with the middle school football program in 2013 which if the program collides the same way there will easily seen similarity’s in the divisions and the competition of the surrounding counties. For instance instead of playing at least three different games against the same district it will be more games which could increase the amount of wins to losses ratio for smaller athletic programs around the area because instead of losing/winning three games they will only have played one. The same thing is for our programs as an overall.

Honestly, I believe that the combining of the three programs for baseball and softball are a very smart decision as the transition from the Middle School Program to the High School Program will be much easier for the coaches because they know 100% the talent levels they will have coming in and not just the tryout performance.


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Middle School Baseball and Softball to Combine