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She’s off to See the Wizard

Cheyanne Dotson, Reporter

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Getting a leading role in a play isn’t exactly the easiest job. You have to be flexible in each role you play. You have to feel all types of different emotions. Like happiness, sadness, joy any emotion you can think of. Haley Woody is the main role in the play “The Wizard Of Oz.” Who does she play? Well she is Dorothy of course.

I got the chance to sit down with her and ask her a couple of questions when you got the part what was your reaction? Her reply was kind of expected “I was shocked and was really excited. “Is your part difficult? she hesitated and replied “yes” then I asked her how difficult? ” it’s going to take some time to learn it.”Does having the main role make you nervous? ” No its really cool!” What was your motivation to join the play? “All my friends were like telling me I should try out and I was like yeah I’ll do it so I did and I made the part.”

We are excited to see how she will do and how she will play the actual role. Only time will tell.

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She’s off to See the Wizard